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Lumineo LED Christmas lights

Big on ambience, small on energy consumption

Please see here how economical Christmas lighting is:

All the ins and outs of Christmas lighting and Energy usage

1. How economical is LED Christmas lighting?

> LED Christmas lights are up to 10 times more economical than the traditional Christmas light bulbs

The reason for this is that LED lighting uses less power, which results in a saving of energy costs straight away. Furthermore LED lighting guarantees a long lifespan and the light bulbs are unbreakable.

2. What is the function of a timer on Christmas lights?

> The timer prevents unnecessary energy usage

All of our Lumineo Christmas lights come with a timer, which is a time switch that controls when the lights go on and off. This prevents energy wastage.

3. How much does it cost to light a Christmas tree?

The cost of lighting your tree 30 days and 8 hours per day is less than €0,50.

Foto 50 cent

Energy usage and costs

Table compare

*kWh usage based on 240 hours (30 days/8 hours per day).
**kWh Price € 0,30 Based on the average electric price of September 2023.

4. What does the energy label say?

Energy label

5. Which lighting needs an energy label?

The energy label only applies to the ‘’warm white’’ Christmas lighting that has a plug and has a light strength of more than 60 lumen. This product category falls within the European standard (ERP Directive 2009/125/EC).

Battery lights, solar lights and lights, which have a light output of less than 60 lumen don’t need an energy label. This also applies for LED lights with a different colour, i.e classic warm, cool white, changing colours or multi colours- they all don’t need an energy label.

Lumineo LED Christmas lights

Big on ambience, small on energy consumption