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Blog: Choosing string lighting

Which kind of Christmas lighting is best for my tree?

Christmas lighting is indispensable for setting the mood and brightening up the dark days leading up to Christmas. So, whether you are looking for a delicate string of lights to illuminate a hedge or want to go all out with a big, dazzling tree in your front garden, remember that Lumineo has a very large range to choose from. There are so many different kinds that perhaps you are having trouble choosing the right one for you. Well, we’re here to help, with inspiration and useful information, so you can choose the perfect Christmas lighting for your tree!

Lumineo has a wide range of LED Christmas tree lights, which are grouped into three types of string lights: basic, compact and cluster.

Basic tree lights
The little lamps in the Basic series are spaced out evenly along the cord at 7.5 cm intervals, creating a balanced distribution of light in your tree. Basic tree lights are available with the settings: basic static (with continuous lighting) and basic twinkle (for a sparkling effect).

Compact tree lights
The little lamps in the Compact series are clustered closer together at intervals of only 2.5 cm to create lavishly dense lighting, giving your tree a particularly festive look. Compact tree lights are available with the settings: compact static (with steady lighting) and compact twinkle (for a sparkling effect).

Cluster tree lights
Cluster tree lights create a magical atmosphere around your tree, making them popular for Christmas trees and garlands. The tiny lamps are grouped extremely close together, producing an abundance of light. The resulting effect is magical and immediately sets the mood for the festive season. Cluster tree lights are available with the settings cluster static (with steady lighting) and cluster twinkle (for a sparkling effect).

All three kinds of tree lights are available in the settings static and twinkle. What does that mean?

Static lighting produces a steady, continuous glow without any flickering. Moreover, it comes with a handy dimmer setting so you can adjust the brightness according to your preferences.

Twinkle light adds a playful, lively aspect to your tree. It features 8 twinkle settings for a glittering, shifting effect. The little lamps flash and blink in various ways, creating an enchanting, glamorous ambience. All twinkle lighting is equipped with an 8-hour timer, but does not have a dimmer.

In addition to these three categories, Lumineo has an extensive range of micro lighting, which features tiny lights smaller than 0.1 mm. Thanks to their diminutive size, they are ideal for decorating small Christmas trees, garlands and other decorations like Christmas wreaths. They are available as micro string, micro string extra dense, micro compact, micro cluster and micro bunch.

This practical guide will help you find the perfect Christmas tree lights for your tree and explain how to hang them up correctly, so you can decorate your tree and then sit back and enjoy a cosy, ambient Christmas.

Which string lights will you choose to make your tree the star?