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Blog: Christmas in the garden!

Christmas in the garden!

Christmas inside and outside, what’s not to like? Arrange your Christmas lighting around your garden to create a magical ambience that will certainly enchant your neighbours and visitors. Lumineo would be delighted to help you choose your Christmas lighting for your garden.

We have a wide variety of Christmas lighting suitable for gardens available, so you are sure to find something to suit your tastes and budget. You could choose delicate Christmas lighting – chain lights along a fence, for example – or go for more elaborate Christmas lighting such as a Christmas tree with lights or an illuminated garland draped over the front of your house.

Here are a few ideas for Christmas lights in your garden:
Christmas trees and bushes are ideal for Christmas lighting. You can opt for a LED pole star, cascade lighting or net lights.Icicle lights are fun and will brighten up the front of your house; they are available in a range of different shapes and colours. Illuminated garden stakes are not just practical but also pretty when lighting your paths and patio. They are available in a range of different heights and colours. Hurricane lamps with LED candles will brighten your veranda for warm welcome, and they look very elegant on a table too.

With a little bit of creativity, you can turn your garden into a true Christmas wonderland. So, fire up your imagination and create your own, unique Christmas display! And if you don’t have a garden but a balcony? No problem! You can light up your balcony with festive Christmas lighting too. Choose special balcony lights and battery-operated Christmas items.

How about operating your Christmas lighting with an app? Lumineo also has app-controlled lighting. It’s very useful for adjusting the lights to your personal preferences or if you are away from home.

And did you know that LED Christmas lights are as much as 10 times more economic in use than traditional lamp bulbs? You can read all about LED Christmas lighting and how much energy they use here.